Top Flintstones Themed Online Slots

We are bringing a blast from the past in this article. The Flintstones is an iconic cartoon that is a huge part of most kids’ childhood. Yes! They have gotten their own theme in the world of online slots, and we are here for it. We will be listing down the slots that have been inspired by them.

The Flintstones (Playtech)

All the wait has been worth it because this release from Playtech didn’t disappoint us at all. It features a classic grid of 3 rows and 5 reels. The game is very much talked about at idnpoker today. The players from idnpoker are even switching to this slot. An attractive wooden frame surrounds the grid, and it’s accompanied by a cute pterodactyl who watches over it. The game is super colorful, and the nostalgic soundtrack of the Flintstones adds the perfect touch to it.

All the characters in the game are beautifully created. Since Fred is the main character, he is your highest reward symbol. Next is his best friend Barney, and they are followed by Wilma and Betty. You will also come across other symbols like the playing card icons, shell phones, and favorite ribs of Fred. Also, the game features over five unique bonuses, where the best one is the bowling bonus of Bedrock.

The Flintstones (SG Interactive)

SG Interactive went for a classic 3-reel old-school design with this game. It features all the necessary elements of an ideal Flintstones slot. As soon as you enter the game, you will be greeted by the iconic Flintstones soundtrack. The symbols in the game will consist of all the Bedrock characters. It includes Fred, Barney, Betty, Dino, and Wilma. By playing the game, the different scenes will bring quite the nostalgia.

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When you start playing, you can expect Dino to jump in delight and reward you with impressive multipliers. You will also have access to over 7 different bonus rounds, which significantly elevates your chances to secure mega wins. Plus, there are many huge rewards like the 200x multiplier and 25 free spins.

Flintstones – Welcome To Bedrock

This Flintstones slot is truly fascinating, and it contains all the required elements. Be prepared to meet all of your favorite characters and also trigger numerous bonus rounds. You will be taken to a bowling game in the stone age, and you will garner handsome bonuses. The bonus can be acquired, but it depends on what Fred and Barney score.

Plus, Wilma will provide some attractive wild symbols by bringing her mammoth hoover. But the best bonus feature comes from Fred when he operates his Stegosaur. It can take place numerous times in a single row, which leaves you with a reel of dinosaur size.

The Flintstones – Dashing Dino

This game is another excellent addition to the collection. The game features a fresh new design, and it’s fully compatible with your mobile. Be expectant to also see all the characters from the show. The game comes equipped with multiple multipliers and bonuses. It is brilliantly animated and helps capture the player’s attention all throughout the game. Dino will dig up bones for granting you impressive multiplier bonuses. Plus, it possesses an impressive RTP rate of 95.93%, making it really competitive in the market.

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