The Ultimate List On Slot Machine Terminology

Just like in most industries and fields, the world of slot machines has its own collection of terms and phrases that may mean completely different to someone outside the casino world. Learning these terms will make you look like an experienced player. Moreover, when other players are speaking in ‘slot’ language, you don’t even have to scratch your head over it once you go through our list of the most popular slot machine terms and phrases.

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Slot Machine Terms and Meanings

3D video slots:

In this type of slot, the images or symbols are given more depth to make them give a 3-dimensional effect.

Active Payline:

It refers to a payline that is in play or active during a spin. If the active payline contains a winning combination, it results in a payout.


It refers to the total amount of money a player bets on a slot in a particular duration of time. This amount is usually used for determining bonus offers and when clearing rollover and wagering requirements.


Auto-spin is a feature you’ll find on most slot games. Using this feature, you can set a fixed wagering amount and the number of spins that the system (machine) will automatically perform. This feature can be canceled during any round.


It refers to the amount of money a player places/wagers on a single spin.

Bonus round:

In a bonus round, a player gets to make a certain decision in order to win some exciting additional prizes.

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Payout percentage:

Payout percentage or RTP are interchangeably used. Both refer to the percentage of all stakes that a slot game will ultimately payout to the player over time.

Buy a feature:

Using this feature, you can get access to special modes or bonuses.

Fixed Jackpot:

In a fixed jackpot, the slot will pay out the pre-determined amount of coins when a player wins the game.


It simply means winning a spin.

Pay Table:

Different slots have their own unique pay tables. It shows all the possible winning combinations that can make a player win. Side by side, it also reveals the combination’s respective payouts.

Multi-line slots:

It refers to slots that have more than a single payline.

Progressive jackpot:

A progressive jackpot refers to one that is not fixed. The jackpot increases with the increase in the number of players and bets in the particular slot.


It refers to those symbols that don’t need to appear in a specific combination on the active payline to make you win. Usually, if three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen after a spin, it can result in a payout.

Wild Symbols:

Wild symbols are considered as bonus features. These can be used by a player as a substitute for other symbols in order to make a winning combination.

Tight slot:

It is a slang term referring to a slot that offers a very low payout percentage.

Loose slot:

It refers to a slot that offers a high payout percentage.

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